Friday, January 22, 2010

The Mad Dog

It wasn't that long ago that I would have been spending a Friday night like this perched on a bar stool enjoying happy hour with good friends from the teaching staff of Frederick High . . . alas, those days are over, and I sit here refereeing Cheerio battles between S and SG while watching a rerun of iCarly. So, a post about a bar will have to suffice for happy hour instead. Tonight I bring you the Mad Dog Saloon, otherwise known as Ingram's Tavern. (I am ASTOUNDED that they have a web site!)The Mad Dog is infamous; it sits on the hill up from Frog Hollow proper, just outside of Dargan, the adjoining infamous village of moonshiners and tax evaders.
I'm proud to tell you that we have a bit of a connection to the bar -- dear George's first girlfriend was the daughter of the owner, whom locals call Boss Hog (he drives a beat up white Caddy while smoking a stogy). Apparently, Boss Hog was having a hard time keeping the place open most evenings, and just recently it seems to have enjoyed a bit of a revival under the new management of his brother -- or maybe it's brother-in-law . . . I hear that on weekend evenings the sharp turn in the road there is packed with cars (I wouldn't know since I don't get out much at night . . . ). I'll never forget when I first learned of the Mad Dog. It was the first time I had ever gone to George's house (at the time, a trailer at the bottom of our property). We were watching a movie when the road lit up with police and ambulance sirens and lights; excitement in the Hollow! Upon calling Aunt Barb to get word from her scanner, we learned that "someone had his skull cracked from a cue stick at the Mad Dog." Immediately, I was intrigued! It took several years before I finally convinced George to take me in so I could check out the place. One night we were hanging out down at the Moore's when Vanessa and I convinced the guys to take us in for a quick visit. It lived up to my expectations: a dirt floor, two kinds of canned beer served out of a Coleman cooler for a buck, and a jerry-rigged Johnny-on-the-Spot attached to the side for desperate relief. Apparently, the new management has spruced up the place; from the web page I can see they now have a floor!


Kyle said...

THEY HAVE A WEBSITE?! my dad will get a total kick out of that. Apparently when he and my then pregnant mother moved on our side of the mountain he went in one night just to see what was happening and got the "evil eye" from the 4 goodold boys who were in there. They knew he wasn't a local, as he says. & it is packed on the weekends, I'd drive by it on my way home sometimes. oh dargan. :)

jen said...

thanks for writing about us. its nice to see the pictures also. my dad and step mother are the owners. they have made a few changes for improvement but the floor has always been the same....since day one. never ever has there been a dirt floor. alot think so but it is not true. you have no idea how many times i was bartending and heard a arguement about the floors and i would have to call uncle johnny or my dad denny over to settle it. not sure if anyone who is reading this has been in latley but you should stop by. cheap cold beer, good food and a good time. thanks, jen ingram

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